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:mad: talk about crappy support.

They were VERY nice until they got my money.

When I got my C-West kit, everything looked cool. Once the body shop started the install things went sour pretty quick. :(

The front lip had half to a three quarter inch gaps all over.

Side skirts were rolling at the top (had to be heated to get them to sit properly).

Suffice to say that every piece needed heavy mods to get them to sit properly.

It took "[email protected]" almost two weeks to respond to my complaint and even then their response was unsatisfactory.

They started blaming the body shop for either incompetence or trying to milk me. Interesting part was, the body shop ate something like 20 hours (for not informing me of the problem earlier) and the guy doing the work had just finished modifying a Fiero to look like a Lamborghini ... (which looked awesome :cool: )

So, stay away from eracing.:mad: :mad: :mad:
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