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(any suggestions?).
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I've looked into fuel pump and injectors and decided that the sti pinks (550ish cc) were right for my modification goals.
They are entirely unnecessary for your modification goals.

I've heard that intakes (cold air) shouldn't be installed until after exhaust , injectors/pump, and engine management have been taken care of.
I would not instal an intake then either.

I'm looking forward to modifying it but the engine management seems to be very expensive and debated over.
By whom is it debated? What is the nature of the debate?

I'd like to turn up boost but what should I use?
It's not that kind of party. Let the computer handle boost. To manipulate boost, look into a management solution, either DIY or a commercial product.

I've heard electronic boost controllers are unnecessary and pricey over a manual controller.
You don't need either.

could i take it to a tuner and have them do it?
Sure. In exchange for $ they will remap the car and will probably compensate for any non-factory components you have chosen to instal, within reason.

Here's my list of anticipated mods I'd like to install, any help/constructive criticism would be appreciated.

fuel pump (walbro 255), sti pink injectors,
Neither is necessary.

Injun cold air intake (with hydro lock),

turn up boost?

Possible sway bars not sure what to get though. HELP ME MAKE MY STOCK AT LEAST LEVEL 1 BADASS aha. ps: I don't like aftermarket blow off valves
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hey thanks man I did some more research and realized this post was kindof dumb. the engine management just kinda scared me aha. But i looked into the cobb accessport and realized that it was simple. But thanks you seem to know your stuff.
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