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I swear, I just don't get along with end links. I have both front and back KB's.

The fronts went well. The rears, well, I had to fuss with them enough with the stock bar. Now I don't see a physical way to get them to line up with the 'firm' setting on my RCE rear. In order to get the bushing 'comfortable' and not torqued funny, it would have to be on the outside of the control arm. Or the end link would have to be longer. I can't quite wrap my mind around it.

I do have them installed with the small 'dot' or hole pointing down. Right now I have one small and one large washer on the bottom of the end link so the control arm is 'snug' and the end link doesn't slide around. The bushings look happy, but it's on the soft setting.

Could it be due to just putting the back of my car on ramps and not jacking the front up so it's level? Not loading the front suspension? Just being plain old stupid?

I didn't go that aggressive on negative camber on the front (~-1.1 on both sides) because I figured setting the rear sway on firm would be sufficient - and save some tire wear.

Any suggestions on getting them to line up easier? It's already kind of a pain to work back there, and the bolts are kinda stubborn on the top of the links making guess and check tough.
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