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There are few things that test the patience so much as a barely audible, omnidirectional, and seemingly sourceless grinding noise coming from your suspension. These things I know:

1 There are no rocks stuck between the dust guard and the rotor.
2 I recently lowered the car by means on Tein Basic Dampers.
3 The low-level grinding noise can almost be described as a "scuffing" noise.
4 The sound seems to intensify in the rain.
5 The sound of the brakes is different. Not bad, But different-more high pitched, you would say.
6 The noise is there regardless of input from the engine- if iam rolling down a hill and turn off the car, the noise is still there.
7 the noise makes me want to shoot myself in the left eyeball.

I'm very close to taking it into the stealership, but before that, any ideas? i would greatly appreciate any wisdom on the subject
thanks a ton.
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