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Hello everyone!

I could really use the help of all of you smart folks on the forums. I have currently a 2014 WRX with 56k or 57k miles on it. I have read, due to the settlement of a massive class action law suit, that Subaru is now allowing certain owners who purchased their vehicles to have free powertrain warranty extended. Has anyone been part of this settled class action law suit? How do I specifically reach out and get confirmation or paperwork for this? I am reading that owners are "automatically eligible" but how do I prove that I am eligible? I am asking, for example, what happens say in a year from now I have another spun rod-bearing or my transmission fails... how would I have Subaru cover it for free?

I am adding the links in this post as well.

Please and thank you to all!

Subaru Settles WRX/STI 2.5L Engine Lawsuit Following Months of Discovery | Torque News

Subaru WRX/STI 2.5L Engine Failure Lawsuit; What Owners Can Do Now | Torque News

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