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Why go for something that might break? Go for what works!

Please give us a call or send us a PM with your name and number to order!

Let's be honest here. Everyone loves a rotated turbo kit on a Subaru. However, while all make good power and some may look prettier than the other, only a few have proven themselves to not just lay down huge numbers on the dyno, but also stand up to the high stresses involved in racing. Among these few tried and true rotated turbo kits is the venerable Element Tuning GT65. With 6 time attack races under its belt in just the past year, both on the stock motor and with new internals, the reliability of this kit truly speaks for itself.

The GT65 and Hydra in time attack action: WRX vs. EVO Time Attack Web.wmv

And the write-up from that day:

The GT65 goes for $3499 + shipping! Place your order with us on or before Black Friday and you get FREE SHIPPING!

Want a package deal? Check out our Divine Power Packages here:

Don't delay, call us today at 206.938.7975 to order. We also still have Hydras and GT52s as well! Right now is the perfect time to stock up for next year's racing season.

World One is YOUR source for all Element Tuning products. If you don't see it above, WE CAN GET IT :D

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