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Electrical Issue / Battery drain 2015 WRX

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So I have made an earlier post about this and I brought my car to the dealership and this is what happened.....

I was experiencing heavy battery drain issues when my car was turned off.... When I brought it to the dealer they told me that there was a draw coming from the power outlet from the cigarette lighter port (where I charge my phone). I asked "is there a way to fix this?" No I was told. It was suggested to me just to make sure I pull out the charger when I turn my car off. As much as I didn't want to hear that answer I said okay, I can handle that.....Some weeks have gone by and so far so good except, yesterday I left my wipers in the on position and came back to my car about 15 minutes later and BAM! Dead battery...... I said to myself that this is impossible.......? o.0 ????? I didn't leave the plug it..... I noticed the wiper in the on position and said this cannot be.... So, I jumped myself and drove around for a while and then went to try it again. I left my wiper in the on position as well as the turn signal in the on position, turned the car off and walked away. Came back 15 minutes later....And the battery was dead! This is definitely an issue. Has anyone else had this issue? I have made a call into service again to have this checked out. It needs to be fixed if I'm stuck in this car for another year.

It's a new car, I shouldn't be having these issues. I wanted to buy it out but I don't think that will be an option.....Has anyone had the same issues? What have you done and any suggestions so I know what to do and say when I bring it to them next week?
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Your wiper switch does not work (no power to it) with the ignition off. That is not your problem. I have left my wiper switch in the "on" position many times, forgetting to turn it off and I have no battery problems.

Completely depleting a typical car battery is not good for it; the times you have depleted it may have damaged it. Are you closing all your doors completely (lights stay on when doors are open) Glovebox closed?
That is what I thought to but I did it twice. I just jumped in now and she cranked no problem. I know it sounds crazy but it happened. I'm going to record a video and post it later

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I had a table plugged into the same power outlet while I was at work and my car started just fine.

If you live at a hot environment like I do, it's not uncommon for a battery to go **** up in 2 short years.
That's what I read up on as well and I figured that might be the cause. I'm skeptical though. When I brought to the dealership they did tell me they were pulling a draw from the outlet. So they in fact confirmed a draw issue.

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So I guess it turns out not to be the switches either..... drove my car for a while and I went to go work out. Everything was all where it should be and nothing plugged in at all. I come back from my work out and I come back to a dead battery.... I guess it's the sun? I mean, that's kind of annoying wouldn't you think? Best possible solution I guess to have the battery switched out? I never had this issue prior to that software update they did a few months ago.

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I think at this point I would buy a new battery and see if that resolves the issue.
That's the next step. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.

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The battery in our outback died at exactly 3 yrs 1 mo. I think original batteries are not expected to last.
I've already been looking at lithium-ion batteries myself.
Do you have an aftermarket radio by chance? My battery keep draining really quick in my 02 and it turned out that for some reason it was sapping a lot of power. I solved it by having my car broken into and the radio getting stolen then replacing it the stock radio. Lol
Haha only if it were that easy! My car is all stock.

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Oh I forgot to mention, just go to an advance auto parts (idk for sure if other stores do it) and have them do a battery test on it. They'll give you a printout and you can decide what to do from there. My battery with my drainage problem just needed a good full charge from a battery charger and it was back to normal. But since then I've gotten a solar powered trickle charger that I wired into my harness. So whenever I'm done driving for the day, I just plug it in and set the panel on my dash.
So I went to Auto Zone and had them do a battery check on it. They showed me that it was indeed a bad battery. I didn't change out the battery because I want to the dealer to check it out and have them swap it out and also to see if there are any other draws coming other than from the lighter outlet.
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