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EJ20G Wont rev past 6500 rpm. Imiginary Rev Limiter, Hesitation, Sputtering, Idk

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Hey guys, ive been prowling these forms forever, and although nearly every question ive ever had has been answered here, or somewhere online, i have a unique situation that i need assistance with.
I have a 1996 GC8 WRX with a recently swapped 1996 EJ20g on a U8 ecu. Car is stock other than a catless TBE

My problem is that at exactly 6500 rpm, seemingly every gear, (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) the car will hit what seems to be an imaginary rev limiter. I will have my foot down, but it will go "bap bap bap" and not rev past 6500, just sitting there, but its not violently jerking like a misfire either.

I also swapped in a 6k ECU from a v2 sti, and had hesiation earlier, around 5500 and was able to get a little farther to about 6k but it wasnt good.
But to counter that, ive read online that the 6k ecu doesnt go well with early model wrx motors sometimes, so im not sure if thats a definitive test as the ecu might just not work well with the motor.

SO with the stock u8 in the car she hits an imaginary Rev Limiter at 6500

Let me start by saying ive recently went over the entire car chasing a random stall issue, that turned out to be my Maf. In that process I had replaced
  • Maf 3 times (finally with oem replacement fixing stall issue)
  • Spark plugs
  • recent Coil pack conversion with 04 wrx coils.
  • checked turbo inlet and repaired small cracks
  • Fuel pump replaced with 225lph
  • Fuel filter replaced
  • Cam and Crank sensors (swapped with ones from junkyard ej25 dohc, but am going to purchase brand new today and try.)
  • New alternator belt
  • New battery ( battery and alternator seem to be fully working)
  • Refreshed some grounds.
  • Throttle body cleaning

At this point im not sure as im onto little things i may have forgot, like im going to clean the boost solenoid.
IF anyone has experienced anything like this or just has any advice it would be really appreciated.
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