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Greetings -

My WRX will be exclusively EcuTek reflashed here at Dallas. A licensed EcuTek tuner will be flying over here next month at my expense. He will reflash my ECU, custom-tune to my current engine mods and load map switching and user tuning capability. For those that are not familiar with EcuTek Performance ECU reprogramming technology, please go to website for more information.

I am thinking of sharing and extending this opportunity to DFW-area WRX owners who are seriously interested in getting a custom EcuTek reflash done on their cars as well. Unfortunately, due to the tight scheduling and limited time of the tuner, only a few will be accommodated.

Update: Custom Tuning + EcuTek Reflash Technology is scheduled June 17-18 for interested parties.

PM or email me for details.

[email protected]
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