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EBAY ROTORS!!!!!!! Should I? If so what brands are decent?

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Got an 04 TS Wagon and she needs a break job all the way around. Rotors and calipers and pads and whatever else you guys could suggest while I've got everything off. Got a $300 budget for new rotors. Been eyeballing a few on eBay, Stoptech being one brand that's a bit out of my price range and power stop being a more affordable brand but I know nothing about them other than the calipers they sell are junk. Slotted and drilled seemed to be the "cool" rout but I live on a farm and the wagon sees dirt roads from time to time. So I'm open to any and all suggestions, looking forward to seeing some replies. Thank you
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Centric blank rotors
Centric PosiQuiet pads
AutoZone refurb calipers

If the vehicle only sees street driving, you won't overheat the brakes, so if you want better stopping performance, invest money in better tires.
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