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This past Friday I started my 2006 WRX TR (w/~65,000 Miles), began to drive, and the Check Engine Light came on.

I retrieved the codes with my AccessPort (currently running Stage 1, 93oct., w/ Cobb Intake, and Cobb Heat Shield). The DTC's were:
P1410- Secondary Air Injection System Switching Valve Stuck Open
P2442- Secondary Air Injection System Switching Valve Stuck Open (Bank 2)

I reset the ECU using the AP. Drove the car 4 more consecutive times with no DTC's but little time for the engine to cool. The 5th time I started the engine the car was sitting long enough to be a true cold start. The CEL came on and I checked the codes and found just one this time. The code present was the P1410. After driving long enough for the engine to reach operating temperatures, I reset the ECU, and the CEL did not come on till the following morning during a cold start.

I hooked up my laptop and using FreeSSM (ver. 1.2.5) with the green test connector connected, I ran a Systems Check on the Secondary Air Combi Valve 1 & 2, along with the Secondary Air Pump. I couldn't get the checks read complete, I waited 10+ minutes on each Systems Test, the dialogue box still read "Testing". Though I did notice when testing Valves 1 & 2, a faint clicking could be heard in both instances. When I ran the Systems Test on the Secondary Air Pump I could hear it run.

I unhooked the test connector and started the car. Following the procedure outlined in the Subaru Manual for using a Subaru Select Monitor for Engine Diagnostics (Normal Mode), I compared the values on my car to the values listed in the Manual. I found the following:

-Secondary air combi valve relay 2 signal= OFF (In RANGE with the Manual)

-Secondary air pump relay signal= OFF (In RANGE with the Manual)

-Secondary air combi valve relay 1 signal= OFF (In RANGE with the Manual)

-Secondary air flow signal= 0.00 g/s (In RANGE with the Manual)

-Secondary air pipe pressure signal= 98 kPa (NOT IN RANGE, Spec in Manual= 102 kPa) The monitored value was ~.5 PSI lower than the manual specification.
The pressure difference was the only parameter out of range, that includes all other displayed values not associated with this system.

I reset the ECU using FreeSSM. The P1410 DTC came back upon starting the car. (Go figure!?!? The problem didn't fix itself!!!) From what I have read from various sources, both of the Secondary air combi valves are well noted for either sticking open or closed due to moisture that develops in the Secondary Air Pump. The common and cheaper fix seems to be using block off plates as opposed to replacing the valves which may stick again.

I am 100% not convinced it is the Secondary air combi valve (Bank 1) that is stuck open. Mostly because at first the DTC's reported both valves stuck open, then the valve on Bank 2 did not throw a code after a ECU reset. Apart from corroded valves, I read that a leak in the system's hoses could also be at fault. There was a lower pressure in the system when compared to the manual, albeit a very slight decrease.

Has anyone ran into a similar situation? I wasn't aware of these problematic valves until I had the P1410 DTC, so I am not 100% sure on my diagnosis. I rather not waste time and effort hunting down a secondary cause when it may be the obvious, a corroded valve. Also, is there a chance of damage to the engine if I continue to drive the car in this state?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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