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Do I Need To Replace Head Bolts on EJ20 Turbo?

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Recently my cars gaskets went out after trying to transport it to my shop (already due to overheating due to thermostat) and im in the middle of replacing them. However im not sure if I can use my head bolts again and I cant find anything online about it. They dont look deformed and they are not stretch bolts, as well as they look pretty clean. Overall they still seem pretty solid, but I wanted to confirm before I made a massive mistake, just in case.
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I would personally replace.

But OEM is not torque-to-yield as you have indicated so technically you can reuse.
My rule of thumb has always been to replace with head studs and get rid of the stock bolts. But like zax said, technically you should be able to reuse. But if it were me, and i didnt replace with arp head studs, I would probably still replace the stock bolts for ease of mind.
Head studs aren't the be-all;end-all.

If OP is rebuilding a block with stock components for stock output (which OP is, because OP isn't even replacing anything), I'd recommend OE bolts.
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