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While I do much of my own mechanical work, for various reasons, there are times I've gone to installers to get things done. Until yesterday, I had never had a "good" installer experience. Honestly, you would not believe some of the stupid stuff "mechanics" have done to my WRX! Some of the things I've allowed guys to do to my car are just plain embarrassing. Others, several, have actually seriously damaged my car!

Yesterday, I went to Delta V Motorsports. Jeff Smith owns the shop and is the chief mechanic. I know I'm not doing full justice to his qualifications, but Jeff is the crew chief for an SCCA ProRally team. He owns his own Group N Rally car, too. If you've ever watched Rally coverage on SpeedTV, you know what I'm talking about - a car needs a new gear box after running a "leg" and the pit crew changes out the red hot tranny under twenty minutes. That's what Jeff does. He knows more about Subarus and how to fix them than anyone I know!

Yesterday, I showed up at his shop at 2:00 PM as scheduled and drove right up onto the rack. He installed:: 1. Adjustable FPR; 2. Rear swaybar with heavy duty mounting hardware and new downlinks; 3. MRT master cylinder brace; 4. Sti transmission mount; 5. Front swaybar; and, 6. MRT steering rack bushings. He also changed the gear oil in my rear differential. I hope I haven't left anything out.

I hung around the shop watching the whole operation and I was amazed! The work was done in just a few hours. The care and quality of the work Jeff did to my car was far beyond my expectations. He's fast, too. There's no standing around "scratching of heads" wondering what to do next. Jeff just pushes through the work and gets it done RIGHT. A good example of his skill is demonstrated by his install of the MRT master cylinder support braket. This is a really good mod because the master cylinder flexes excessively on the firewall under hard braking. Many guys want to install the part but avoid it because the job takes a heck of a long time, several hours, to do and has been described as being VERY difficult. Jeff did the install in a little over a half hour!

His capabilities go far beyond the average mechanic's. Jeff has extensive tuning (engine management) experience and can build engines and gearboxes, too. His rates are exceptionally good so just about anyone could afford to use Delta V for their work!

If you live within driving distance of Richmond, VA, you need to get to know Delta V. Call him at 804 355 4440 to schedule an appointment. His address is 1209 North Boulelvard, Richmond, VA 23237.

Coming from me, this is VERY high praise! I GUARANTEE you'll be satisifed! :D

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