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Just made some mud flaps for the 17' WRX and thought I'd share my basic idea so anyone could use, improve, and change however they'd like. Here is the basic Idea if you did not like any current mud flaps on the market or just wanted a small and fun project:

Tools Needed:

1. Phillips screwdriver
2. Flat-head screwdriver
3. Drill and small bit (to make pilot holes in plastic)
4. Jack, and jack-stands
5. Cardboard for template
6. Cutting Tool (razor, or electrician shears work well)


1. Heavy duty and rigid rubber mats from any hardware store ( I purchased a 3'x4' to make enough for my WRX and Wife's Outback)

2. Phillips ( or any by pref.) screws, washers, and u-bolts (for use on the fender to hold screws in place)
3. Gloves (if needed)
4. Something comfy to post up on the ground (getting old, need cushion)

1. Mock up with your cardboard a basic shape by starting with however wide you want your mud flaps to be

2. Cut the excess out keeping in mind the existing mounting points, and additional mounting points needed

3. Once cut, use the existing plastic clips (phillips) and place the template on the spot and poke holes to match the screw line up points

4. Examine and line up as you like, attempting to get the ground level horizontal line to match that of the botton of the mud flaps as a reference.

5. Use your mocked up template from cardboard to cut out the rubber mat as needed, utilize the straight edge of the mat (if there is one)

6. Use the U-Bolts to clip onto the fender in the existing holes, and use your drill to make new mount points in the plastic carefully

7. Screw in (with the washes on the outside of the mud flap) the screws into your holes, with the u-bolt in the back to a snug fit (Note* for the rear wheel wells, remove the wheel for easy access to mount the flaps)

Finished Product, Enjoy!

Feel free to mod this to your liking, this is just something I did for fun and saw need of driving on some dirt and gravel roads over here!

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Awesome DIY, I'm definitely gonna refer to this in the future.

I purchased the Rally Armor Universals and planned on doing a similar DIY sourcing my own hardware and whatnot. One thing I found in my research is that RA designed their hardware such that if the flap gets caught on something it'll rip off without damaging the existing fender holes that are used for mounting. I believe it does this by utilizing hardware with components made out of plastics/rubber, so that they can pull through the flap mounting holes vs the hardware ripping out of the fender.

Worth some thought! I'm thinking of using Nylon bolts with washers or something, so that in theory if they flaps got caught they'd hopefully break the nylon bolts before ripping out the fender holes!
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