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Hey Guys,

So I bought a sheet of Sticker Carbon Fiber the other Day from Pep Boys and it turns out there are a number of uses for it. So here is how I did this myself for $20 and have a couple feet of carbon fiber sticker left over.

Step 1: Take a Piece of Paper and hold it up to the back of the Mirror and use a sharpie to outline the part you need to cutout (black part)
Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Automotive mirror Mirror

Step 2: Cut the Paper to fit

Step 3: Lay on top of the Carbon Fiber and cut it out

Step 4: Overlay on the Black part of the Mirror (this takes a couple tries as you may need to cut it a bit)

Step 5: Enjoy the Carbon Fiber
Helmet Blue Personal protective equipment Light Close-up

Car Vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive mirror Rear-view mirror
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