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I posted this in the wrong forum initially. So I am reposting this here.

Hey guys! So i just bought a 08 WRX. It has a IAG stage 1 short block, and a bunch of supporting mods. My concern is that the car is very difficult to get into gear, and nearly impossible to get into 2nd gear or higher when the motor is at higher rpm's. Its like it hits a wall prior to going into gear. No grinds, or anything like that, it just gets blocked by something just before going into gear, and if i try hard enough, it finally pops in. Drive train related mods are a kartboy short shifter + bushings, and an Exedy clutch rated to 550trq.

This takes a LOT of the fun out of driving the car. I have extensive experience with cars, and have hand built my last turbo project. This one has me stumped though since i have never had any issues like this before.

I took the center console out and checked the 12mm bolt, and it was little tight. I loosened it up, but there was hardly any change in performance. Still extremely difficult to shift. Could this be a bent clutch fork? Something wrong with the clutch master or slave cylinders?

Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

Thanks guys!
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