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Hello fellow clubers,

You guys seem to know more than what I can get from a Subaru dealer :D .

My questions is simply this, what is the difference between the WRX heads and heads from an EJ25 DOHC? I understand the cams would be different (turbo vs normaly asperated) but other than that I cannot figure out the difference.

I have called several shops (dealer and performance shops) and they say "oh, yea, they are different" but they can never give me the actual differences.

Then to add more confusion, I called Cobb, and asked what heads can I use for the Core charge on their WRX phase I through III heads? They said I can send them them my EJ25 DOHC heads no problem. So if I understand it right, they will then take these EJ25 heads and make them into their Phase I to III heads for the WRX to sell again. This tells me they are the same heads just "worked" for the WRX.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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