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Did I Screw Up My Clutch?

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Aright this is what happen. I was driving in seattle, and seattle has some steep crazy hills. Anyways I was going up one. and I had to stop. So the light turns green and I start giving it some gas but the car didnt move much so then I pushed the the gas even more and my rpms went up to 6000 for a sec then I slowly released my clutch. Even at 6000 rpms my car barely moved. I could smell my clutch. But after that, my car felt really weird. Did I harm my car? Today when I drove my car it felt pretty close to normal. Is it just me thats making me think its not 100% normal or did I really burn my clutch that bad. Help me out. Thanks guys!

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is2scooby said:
I learned to drive stick on my first new car, too. Except I'm *OLD* so that happened to be a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. I smoked the clutch on many an occasion in that car and it lasted until it whimpered it's last breath @ 63k miles...

No worries!


P.S. That car got it's teething done around the Bay Area, S.F. CA... THOSE are some hills! *shudder*
Sounds like we're about the same age. We're not old, just getting better!
I've got more tha 20 years on both of you. I ruined the clutch in a '68 VW Bug and it wasn't even my car! The tranny suffered badly as well. My buddy wasn't angry because his dad picked up for the rediculously inexpensive repair. It's always best to learn to drive a manual on somebody else's car.

jt money said:
was the light a block away and did he know he was racing (the 911)
Yep, a whole city block! He also knew he was racing, even though he would probably not admit it. At the next light I noticed that the fool had a small child in the back seat. Reminded me of those old 200SX commercials where they put the guys legs behind his head before they put him in the back seat of the convertible.
should be fine. its actually NORMAL to smell burning clutch on a new WRX....especially in the first 3k-4.5k miles. if you did a really hard launch, you may have glazed your clutch plate, which means it got so hot it kinda melteda little and got mirror smooth. untill you wear off the glazed part of the disc it might feel funny when you'll slip more than usual, but should go back to normal in a few drives. (same thing happens to your brake discs if you brake too hard)
I'm also new to MT and have done this too. It sounds very unhappy, but the car recovered. I think I actually may have done this glazed clutch-plate thing Blarg is reffering too, as my clutch was slippin a bit in 2nd.
This all reminds me of when I first learned to drive at age 12 in my dad's vw bug way back in 1970 (!). My first shift out of first gear was somehow directly into reverse..OUCH! My dad had a look of pain/frustration/hopelessness on his face that still makes me laugh to this day. Needless to say, my shifting did get better over time, but the dub's tranny never did quite recover from our first aquaintance with each other ;)
My WRX has 9000 miles on it and my clutch is already shot. The dealership is replacing it under warranty though.
BlueScooby said:
My WRX has 9000 miles on it and my clutch is already shot. The dealership is replacing it under warranty though.
That's cool did you manage that? Is this your first MT or the clutch just sucked?
BlueScooby said:
My WRX has 9000 miles on it and my clutch is already shot. The dealership is replacing it under warranty though.
What did you tell the dealership? Maybe I will do it just for a new clutch :)

So I thought my clutch was just a little warm or something.....

I was bringing my car in for the 3000 mile service yesterday and about 10 miles from the dealer, the clutch started slipping like crazy out of nowhere and in a bout 5 minutes I could go about 1700 RPMs and lost all feel in the clutch pedal. Had to get the car flat-bedded to the dealer where they're gonna replace the clutch under warranty. Maybe the WRX doesn't have such a good clutch if mine went so quickly (I learned to drive stick on my car, but after about 200 miles I was good to go and didn't drive hard or poorly anymore....)
No ive been driving stick for about 3 years now. I didn't even know my clutch was shot. i brought it in for clutch shutter in first gear. They took a look at it and said i needed a new clutch. i finally got my car back now and it drives like a champ again no more shutter. ....oh yeah they replaced my flywheel not really sure why!! All together parts and labor is was about $1200.....thank god for warranties!!!!:D
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