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WRXin' said:

This happened to me the night I drove away from the dealership. See, my WRX is the first MT I've ever had. So I was learning as I was SLOWLY getting home. I got to this light, and it turned red. A new MT driver's worst nightmare. When the light turned green my car stalled. I continued to stall through THREE LIGHT CYCLES!!! Finally, I reved it high and the car began to move ever so slow. When I tried to shift to what I tought was supposed to be 2nd, I realized that I was trying to take off in 3rd. After wiping the gallon of sweat off of my forehead and sleeping on it a few nights, I found the situation to be funny. But at that moment, I could have sworn that it was the worst moment of my entire life:D.
LOL... i guess i'm not the only idiot who chose a WRX to learn how to drive stick in. (i feel so bad about hurting my car:( )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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