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Did I Screw Up My Clutch?

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Aright this is what happen. I was driving in seattle, and seattle has some steep crazy hills. Anyways I was going up one. and I had to stop. So the light turns green and I start giving it some gas but the car didnt move much so then I pushed the the gas even more and my rpms went up to 6000 for a sec then I slowly released my clutch. Even at 6000 rpms my car barely moved. I could smell my clutch. But after that, my car felt really weird. Did I harm my car? Today when I drove my car it felt pretty close to normal. Is it just me thats making me think its not 100% normal or did I really burn my clutch that bad. Help me out. Thanks guys!

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I learned to drive stick on my first new car, too. Except I'm *OLD* so that happened to be a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. I smoked the clutch on many an occasion in that car and it lasted until it whimpered it's last breath @ 63k miles...

No worries!


P.S. That car got it's teething done around the Bay Area, S.F. CA... THOSE are some hills! *shudder*
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