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Subaru Impreza owners braved sketchy weather conditions to make it out for some AWD off road power slides and loosely organized rally cross practice. The DirtyImpreza crew was in attendance having been given notice of being rained out of a points rally cross event just 24 hours earlier, we jumped on the chance to still go to the desert. Big ups goes out to everyone who made it, and the men (and women) who gambled on getting out there early and were rewarded with dry, cool, no-wind conditions.

[email protected]/22/07
Runtime: 4:00
Music: Alkaline Trio – “Death Bed”
Produced / Directed: 409industries

Another original video! W00t! I threw this together in less than 2 nights of editing, and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. Bummer I didn’t have any outside shots of my car in action, but oh well. I’m impatient and wanted to get the video online for everyone else that’s in it! I think ill answer some of the questions I normally get ahead of time.

-Yes the tire that came off did actually get back onto the tire with him jumping on it. We were all pretty amazed. However we weren’t able to seat the bead on the rim, and the lighter / fluid trick didn’t work. Doh!
-It was raining like CRAZY leaving LA and Orange County to get to the desert, but the weather system was really weird and was moving north, this left the lake bed completely dry all day. After I left the wind really started to pickup in the afternoon though.
-The in-car shots are done though a ChaseCam setup and the youtube video just really doesn’t do it justice. In a higher resolution video, it’s pretty spectacular. Pictures of the setup I use can be found here: Click Here For Camera Setup Pics
-No, unfortunately I do not have any video of 06drtywgn on 2 wheels or jumping and breaking everything.
-A total of about 20 cars showed up.
-We ate about 4 packs of hotdogs! LOL

Thanks to everyone who made it out, I hope you enjoy the video.

Pictures from this event can be found here: Event Pictures

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Looks like way could I do that with my car.
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