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Well, now that I have my used 07 WRX, I figured I would take it by the local dealership to see if it had been serviced there before, and if I figured I would set up a time to get a 15,000 mile service... car has 17,000 on it now. As I do not know when the last oil chage was, I figured I would do one soon anyway (in southern california, I'm guessing 10W-30 will provide better protection than the 5w-30?).

So when I asked the service guy about the 15k service, he handed me a sheet that said "Intermediate service" and informed me it was a $129 service, though they also reccomend you have "Fuel injection Service" performed ever 15k also. I didn't ask what they would try to hit you for on this, as I already felt like I was getting stroked. According to the Subaru Site, and rr1911's thread, 15k shoudl get teh following:

Oil/Filter change
Rotate Tires/adjust pressure if needed.
Inspect brake pads and discs
Inspect front and rear axel boots
Inspect axel shaft joint portions
inspect brake lines
Inspect parking brake and brake system
Inspect clutch operation (if applicable)
Inspect Steering and suspention

Ok, fair enough - make sure nothing has leaks or obvious wear that it shoudln't... but the list I got from the dealership added:

replace drain plug sealing washer - don't you always get one of these with the filters?

Inspect/clean air filter

Check operation of lights

Clean battery terminals

inspect cooling system hoses

adjust drive belt tension

check A/c operation

inspect exhaust

Inspect tranny fluid

inspect fuel hoses and connections

road test performance

Seems like they are using the 30,000 mile service guidelines and suggesting customers do it with 1/2 that interval. Also, I don't see mention of an injector service ever in Subaru's reccomendations, and while I'm not saying its not needed at some point, it seems like this is a money grab for the dealer.

Any Thoughts?

I'm starting to think I'll just end up doing it all myself - is the oil-change difficult on the 2.5L WRX?... What I really mean, is: Is it hard to get to the oil filter? (My wife's old VW Cabrio...terrible car by the way... was horrendous.)

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