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Hello everyone :wave: I am a Westchester County, NY resident, and sometime soon I will be looking to buy a '17 WRX. Does anyone have any thoughts about dealerships to go to in the NYC area (5 boroughs, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau County, Fairfield County), where they got a great deal/had a good experience? Conversely, any dealerships to avoid? Looking forward to your feedback. :)
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Ramsey subaru in nj was nearly flawless to deal with. Finance guy tried the bait and switch on me with interest rate. ..but they fixed it with little issue.
I have seen many people mention Ramsey Subaru, and specifically Clayton. Sounds like it's worth the drive from Westchester County?
Mass Pike East said:
I have seen many people mention Ramsey Subaru, and specifically Clayton. Sounds like it's worth the drive from Westchester County?
Clayton gave me a great price when I reached out to him on the price of a second STI. I ultimately decided on buying a Tacoma. That said...

A few moderators here have had good luck with buying cars from him; one from MD, one from GA. There's a reason they didn't buy locally ;)

A bunch of members here have had good experiences buying a car through him. While I didn't end up making a deal, I'd strongly recommend him.
I will definitely consider Ramsey Subaru, and bringing my business to Clayton, as the place is only a 45 minute drive from me, and it sounds like it's worth it. Are they a Truecar dealership?
Mass Pike East said:
Are they a Truecar dealership?
Price I was quoted was lower than TrueCar.
Also from the Westchester area and shopped 15 or 20 dealers for my 17'. Ended up pulling the trigger this past weekend.

I worked with Kevin Puzzo @ Dan Perkins Subara. His beginning price was lower than TrueCar and all the other dealers I worked with. They also have a ridiculous lifetime power train warranty to boot. You don't need to get the work done at their service department, you just need to have all of the major services done according to the book and keep copies of the receipts/paperwork.

No pressure, no BS and when I picked the car up I was on my way in less than 45 minutes. They are around an hour from Westchester up 95. Tell him Johnny Appleseed sent ya!
I do second the Kevin Puzzo comments. My WRX is due to port April 3rd, our 4th car from him. He hooked us with the infinite patience he showed my wife as she waffled. it took three test drives and a million questions, and he was never anything but jovial.

First WRX test drive was before I had even run the subject past the wife, and I told him that. After some time BS-ing, all he said was "WRX or STI, which do you want to drive".

Hey thanks for all the referrals gents! :thumbup: Most appreciated!

OP, I'd be happy to get you a great no haggle quote and provide a good experience dealing with a fellow enthusiast. Reach out to me if you're interested, [email protected] dotNET or 2o1 327 0070 x 5211
I'll second Ramsey for your area! Clayton and I have a good business relationship/ agreement haha. if you lived more around my neck of the woods I would also say to get with my pricing, being that most people like to have a vehicle shipped when its that far, it will be way less stressful for you to buy from him. :thumbup:
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