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OK the "REQUIRED" advertising fee is a crock of shit from someone who wants to put a few extra bucks in his pocket.

I don't believe anyone should ever pay advertising on any car...

and as far as them not having to deal on the WRX because they are a rare car... if they were such a rare car there would be none on the lot like when they first came out. Fact is they can be ordered, and are generally available most everywhere, so while popular they still need to deal if they want you to buy from THEM.

I say find a better dealer. I bought my WRX in Eau Claire, WI for about 60 over invoice 24,108 i think with all my options ordered from the factory (it got here in 7 weeks.. the wait sucked but having a car w/ 6 miles was nice).

Also I was never told anything about an advertising fee from subaru except for at Summers Subaru in Mequon.. they were pricks.. strange how they had it and noone else did.
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