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Regional advertising

Yes, they got me on this too. All dealers of all makes claim this expense. It is a real expense, in that they have to buyads on TV, local papers, etc., but most dealers waive them in the first round of haggling.

problem is, is that dealers know there are very few WRXs around, and they know if you don't buy the car, the next guy will. In other words, they don't have to do you any favors. My dealer added the regional advertising AND a $50 writing fee for the paperwork. Plus only met me halfway between MSRP and invoice. They got the car for me from Detroit, so there is a *little* extra expense for them (driver and gas) but I bought the only WRX wagon for sale in the Cleveland area at the time, so they pretty much had me over a barrel. Or, I could have walked and kept driving the truck until WRXs become more common. I chose to take the $200 hit and have my fun. Your choices may be different...

Try to talk them out of it, but they sorta have you by the short ones if you are really anxious.
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