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Dave's 02 WRX

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Its been only a week that I've had my WRX. Brought her home last Thursday and got plates the next day, that was awesome! I noticed from the CarFax that there had been a recall on the Lower Control Arms from 2011, so I glanced at them and noticed they were in bad shape. I called my local Subaru Dealership and scheduled a drop off.

So today 10/5 I dropped it off at the dealership. They're gonna call me tomorrow after they do a puncture test or whatever, I'm sure they will replace the control arms.

They wanted to charge me $130 for a "detailed inspection" but after he described the inspection I declined. They said they would still do a "visual inspection" for free, we will see what they find. I don't trust them much, we'll see.

I got a check engine light on the Sunday after driving it around a while, but I noticed it didn't have a gas cap. I ordered one from Rock Auto and just put it on yesterday. I hope that gets rid of it, if not I'm going to take it to an Autozone to read the code. Thats IF the dealership doesn't go ahead and do that and tell me what its saying.

Another thing I noticed is a screech when I get over 3000 RPMs, like air is escaping. Somebody on my welcome thread said its probably boost leak, and that I should check everywhere metal meets rubber, so thats the next step. I need to find a shop near me that has some Subie experience, or at least turbo experience to maybe help me with that.

Sorry if this is coming out as kind of boring, but I want to log all my work on this awesome car so I figured this is the best way.

You can see it on my Instagram profile: @dm3na
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So I ended up getting the Front Lower Control Arms replaced for free by the dealership. They also replaced a spindle that they had to damage to get one of the lower control arms off, also free. So far I've been driving it every chance I get, mostly weekends though since my wife and I only really need one car for work during the week.

Currently I am looking at replacing the rear brakes. Anyone have a parts list? I'm seeing two different sets of shoes on Rock Auto, one is just "brake shoes" and the other is "parking brake shoes" can anyone clarify this for me? (hardware kits also are different) 02 WRX for reference.
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