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Datalogging Pull

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I just passed 1000 miles on my breakin of my new WRX. Gonna try some pulls with the Cobb Accessport. I have flashed the Cobb OTS 93 Octane Map. According to the Cobb video they say do the pull in 4th gear for a 6 speed trans from 2500 to redline. I was at 5600 rpm and already at 104 mph! A little scary. Would it be ok to do this in 3rd gear? The other question is does it take some time for the ECU to "learn" the new map? If so how long and should I wait to do the pull??
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Yeah, put it in 3rd, get to 2k RPM and punch it to redline... this is how all the E-tuners will have you log it.
You should be in 4th gear, but yes this is the problem with etuning.

I used to tune my bugeye piece-wise. I'd combine several second gear pulls for lower loads with a 3rd gear pull at high loads.

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