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So I'm hoping I don't get beat up to bad with this question. I have a new 2017 wrx and wanted to get the Cobb ap to do some data logging. The car is completely stock still. I plan on modding down the road. So my question is and it may be stupid but if I get the Cobb ap and hook it up and only want to do data logging that doesn't flash the ECU correct? Another question is if I do some data logging with the ap will it find minor problems before they turn into big problems? And if I find minor problems I could take it to the dealership and have them take a look correct? I plan on getting Cobb intake and j pipe down the road. I guess I just kinda want to see if I have any issues before I mod and jeopordize the warranty. I know I need to pay to play. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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