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Help me reduce my inventory!!!

No matter how hard I try, I still have way more inventory than I want.So Ill just keep hooking everyone up till I feel comfortable with what I have.

If you wish to order online, Just click on the pictures or links and reference this ad for special pricing.

All new Sonin Engineering uppipe is the first and most effective part you can buy for your WRX

The uppipe

This uppipe features:
*321 Stainless steel construction
*1/2 inch machined flanges
*Proper sized tubing for maximum spool up
*Detailed installation instructiosn and EGT eliminator for no CEL

Only 199.99 shipped

We have a full Line of Turbo Xs parts in stock and ready to ship.

Stealthbacks 595.00 no cat 695.00 with cat

Turbo backs Starting at 999.00 Free MBC with turboback purchase

Turbo XS uppipes for 199.99 shipped with free OEM gaskets

UTECs 979.99 shipped

We are also taking pre-orders on the new 2004 STi UTECS as well.Call for pricing

UTEC and Tuner combo 1699.99 shipped

Turbo XS RFL BOV 209.99 shipped with WRX adapter

Turbo XS Boost controller starting at 79.99 shipped

Custom Stage 4 System!!

Turbo Xs RFL-TI turboback with cat
Ninos Uppipe
PE650cc Injectors
Turbo XS UTEC with custom map

4499.99 for everything

IHI VF34 Turbos 709.99

Power Enterprise PE1820F turbo with upgraded wastegate and #6 spring 1400.00

Power Enterprise Timing Belt for WRX and STi 159.99 shipped

HKS turbo Timer with harness for WRX 119.99 Shipped

New Coolant upgrade package!!

160 deg Thermostat, 1.3bar rad cap, samco rad hoses and a bottle of reline watter wetter all for only 249.99 shipped!!!

Crucial racing Thermostats 65.00 shipped

Crucial racing Radiator Caps 45.00 shipped

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