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So yesterday (after a decent period of problem free driving) I was crusing around town, looked at my AP and my DAM was resting at 16 like it should, but was logging a Min value of 12. It must have happened real quick since I look at my AP regularly and did not notice a 12 at any point in time. I thought no big deal, kept driving. 100 miles later, today I look down and my DAM was resting at 12, would not go back up to 16 and after a few minutes I watched it drop to 8 and then 4. I had to speed up for a brief moment and it jumped back to 8 and is now resting there. I pulled up FKL to see if any crazy numbers were jumping out at me, and I registered no FKL at all. I usually monitor feedback knock, afr, af correct and learn 1 and I never noticed anything too unusual. Usually my AF Learn rests around 0 and +3, mostly 0.78, but last 2 days its been in the negatives between 0 and -3 which I almost never encounter. AF 1 D seems to be a -0.1 across all cells, which I've never seen anything other than 0.0. AFR rests about 14.70 occasionally up to 14.80 for split second at idle and cruise. I dont have wide band so WOT is unknown, though all of my problems are happening under no boost or heavy throttle. Feedback knock did not pick up any knocking what so ever on the drive. Not really sure what to think. There are no unusual sounds coming from the engine. It sounds and runs 100% fine as far as I can tell. No CEL. Check oil regularly. Idles like a new car. Any ideas what to look for or what may be happening?

2002 wrx usdm ej205
invidia catless up and down
fram drop in
accessport v3 ots stage ii 91
NEW Plugs gapped 0.030
NEW fuel filter

Only things that have changed between 2 weeks ago before I went on a trip and the last 2 days are that I had removed all heat shields to hopefully eliminate some rattles. (I have titanium wrap and heat blanket on the way)
And coincidentally the temps here have dropped from 45+ to under 30 consistently with occasional snow. Also gassed up at a BP gas station which I dont usually go to.

Datalog just after I noticed a drop of DAM to 12. (normal driving)

Just after it dropped to 4 and back to 8
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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