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Cygnus Performance X-1 Comfort Coilovers

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Purchased a set of coilovers for my '22 WRX in hopes of improving ride quality as it's my daily driver. Spoke with Geoff at Cygnus and he was super helpful and suggested his "Comfort" setup. When I hear the word "comfort" it conjures up the floaty ride of a Lincoln Town Car. But this is not the case with the Cygnus coilovers. They have excellent high speed compression damping that smooths out bumps, while still allowing the car to handle better than stock.

I left my ride height the same as stock and while I had the wheels off, I removed the calipers and painted them a nice red color. I also replaced the stock rubber brake lines and put on new PowerStop rotors and EBC Redstuff pads. I also added some SPL Racing rear lower control arms to give me camber adjustment in the rear. Tossed on a strut bar for good measure too.

The brake pads needed some bedding time, so I had to take it easy for a bit until I got some miles on them. Today was my first shake down run at reasonable speeds. To say I'm impressed is an understatement.

Here's some footage of my run. The car is so well balanced. Just loving this car. With the tune, brakes, and suspension, the car is still less expensive than a GTI or Elantra N (I have the base model) and I venture to guess that it would run off and leave them.

Here's a few pics:

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