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CVT Exhaust Upgrade

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Hey guys,
I just recently bought a 17 wrx w/ a CVT transmission in it. After driving it for about 5k miles I've decided that the exhaust is too quiet. I was thinking about upgrading to the STI/SPT exhaust that Subaru offers. I have seen some clips online of a CVT with the SPT but it seems to be more quiet than the stock exhaust. I am hoping to stay under warranty for as long as possible but I understand that w/ the exhaust upgrade, the warranty could be voided under conditions. If you guys have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Zach
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Tons of places to look. Invidia, Cobb, nameless, Corsa, ETS, magnaflow, and many others. Most will be louder than stock and spt without being fart cannon loud and as long as you stick with an axle or cat back you shouldn't have too much greif with warranty.

If fart cannon is what you want it's hard to beat the grapefruit launchers like the invidia n1 or nameless muff deletes. Be prepared for drone though, and if you drive a lot it will fatigue your ears.

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I drive at highway speeds rather often and a fart cannon is not my preference. My friends say that they cannot hear my car from the outside and it's true, its dead silent. It has a mean idle and startup but once it gets going its as silent as a Camry. Thanks for the info hopefully i'll make the upgrade soon!
I've got a Corsa, it's quiet and you can't hear it unless I stand on it. When I do, the interior panels rattle. That's the way an exhaust should be.

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I really like my Corsa too. It has no drone -- critical to me on my long road trips, yet as XJman noted, it sounds really nice when you juice the throttle.
i had the nameless muffler deletes (axle back). kept them on maybe 3 months, way to loud for my taste. i do a ton of highway driving and the drone killed me. went back to the stock mufflers for now. im looking at the corsa or q300.
I have the ETS 'quiet' CBE w/ resonator on my CVT WRX. I LOVE it. It's aggressive when you want it to be and no droning when just cruising.

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