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CVT COBB question

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Hi all,

Been a lurker for a few months getting used to my 2017 WRX Premium with the CVT. Can anyone tell me how the COBB Tune works/reviews as I am thinking of purchasing one. I would really appreciate no 'should have got the shift stick' comments. I used to be firmly in this camp too............but a 1 and 1/2 to 2 hr commute in Los Angeles for 15 miles has finally killed off this principal :) Thank you all for any advice in advance, this forum is great!
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I have the CVT as well.. 2016 left over bought it new a month ago.

After reading about how delicate the engines are even on these new WRX models I am not going to tune.. I depend on my car as a daily driver and need it to last over 4 yrs.
Basically, you plug the AP into your OBDII port, follow the instructions, and tell it to flash the desired map to the ECU.. after that you can unplug it, or leave it plugged in to monitor things.

Unfortunately Cobb only makes a stage one map for cars with the CVT because anything beyond that will produce too much power for the transmission to handle. It can barely handle the power the car makes from the factory without breaking... For what it's worth, the stage one plus BigSF intake 93 octane map makes +10% HP / +15% TQ compared to the stock tune.

All of this information (and more) can be found on their website COBB Tuning - Home page
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