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Like all Cusco parts I've seen so far- well made, perfect welds, nice finish.
Installation instructions in Japanese. Comes with useless bag of brackets for relocating AC lines. Very tight fit, AC lines needed to be repositioned. I turned the exisiting bracket (that mounts the AC line to the fire wall) over, and put bend at the end to get the rubber stand off for the pipe strap to point in the right direction. A little file work on the bracket made it look stock. Hand bent AC line to lower it by 1"-2". Becareful doing this, you don't want to kink the line. Once the AC line was moved down the bar went on nicely. Bolt holes lined up perfect. The nice thing about this bar is that it should allow room for a larger top mount intercooler.
Two hours for a real clean install.
Performance review: On the local twisties the front end felt somehow a bit more unified. In my totally not expert opinion I believe the benefit of this item is that it should help with maintaining long term front end stiffness paticularly when pressed with rough roads and rally conditions.
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