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Cupping? Tire wear? IDK

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Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

So.. I’m taking my car to San Diego this weekend, from AZ, about 700 miles round trip. I have noticed since I bought the car(10k miles ago) that I have this strange wear, I did have the car re aligned. This is also the same noise I hear a weird suspension noise, but my car has no play in the suspension, I can bounce up and down on it and nothing. Is this cupping? Will this tire last 700 miles in AZ heat? Dealer said they found nothing wrong with suspension when they did my alignment, but I find it weird that it’s the same side I hear the noise on. I would get new tires, but want to wait until I figure out why my tire looks like this. All of them have kind of the same pattern, but this one’s inner portion is really worn. Any ideas?
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I don't get it, what's strange about this? The stock tires and maybe yoko 601s had an untreaded/slick center strip if I remember correctly.
also another thing i had in mind, the bolt on my crank pulley… it doesn’t rotate in a perfect circle under idle, is that normal? I don’t have any issues with the way it runs, no noises, and the pulley itself does not wobble, at least not that I can see… but the bolt clearly does not spin in a perfect circle like i’ve seen on other cars.
Torque it to FSM spec just to be sure, if it doesn't move, you are fine.
these are achilles ATR. cheap ass tires, came on the car, but none of the other tires look like this. only this one. that’s the strange thing.
Ah ok
i’ll tag you in the video I just posted on another forum, unless you know of a way to see the post without me tagging you, what are the torque specs on these?
Just saw the video, looks like bent bolt head on both cank pulley and idler. FSM is floating around somewhere online. I am traveling and don't have my personal laptop.
on idler? isn’t my idler by AC compressor? that bolt doesn’t move at all.
Yes there are multiple idlers.

Is it something that’s gonna cause issues or can i just deal with it? it’s going into dealer on friday before my trip should i just see if they can replace the bolt or?
Put a wrench on it and make sure it's not loose, don't put too much force on it. Long as it's half ass tight, it will last till Friday and dealer can confirm whether it needs to be replaced.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts