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Hi all,
I'm selling my much beloved and well taken care of bone stock 2002 WRX A/T, in the much desired WRB color. It's the wagon body style, and the car has under 72K miles on it right now (80% highway. It's my wife's car and I have fun on the weekend once in a while She commutes 20mi each way to work daily). I bought it at 35K miles.

I wasn't able to add photos. Can someone tell me how?!
Worse comes to worse, i can email lots of photos that i took a couple of weekends ago.

This car is perfect for someone trying to break into a WRX or has never owned one. Well, welcome to the world of the WRX or for someone looking for a M/T but can take this and do a tranny swap. This car will not disappoint you. Ever. It's a lot of fun. I upgraded from a wimpy Scion TC and I'm glad we did. I'm expecting a baby so this baby needs to go!

What do I mean by well taken care of? Here we go

First of all, I have all receipts.

I only use Amsoil 100% synthetic motor oil and nothing else every 7K miles, although the oil says i can go for 15K

I only used Amsoil 100% synthetic transmission oil and differential oils (same oil)

I cleaned the MAF twice in the last 2.5 years I've owned the car

I constantly change air filters every 7000 miles.

I wash and wax the care every month at least and you will notice that if you see it.

Coolant service(dealer)

Dealer: New spark plugs, fuel filter, tranny flush, PVC valve, air filters and all that for the 60K service. But since i did some work on my own, I did not follow the prescribed plan by the dealership as the work was done by me. I prefer that, but if I can;t do it, I have to take it to the dealership.

Runs and hauls like a M/T but with the comfort of a A/T

Is amazingly great in the winter weathers. never had an issue. ever.

The AC blows cold! Very cold!!

The heat works amazingly well.

The tires were put on to my wife's preference (YOKOHAMA Avid TRZ) and have half life left in them. They're a bit cushy but awesome in the snow. So it;s up to you to change or keep.

The paint is very shiny and you can still see the metallic grain and luster. However there are parts that need touching up due to the car's age.

So here's what needs to be done,
Paint: front and rear bumper needs touch ups. I was trying to get out of 4ft of snow last winter and the ice shard scratched the front bumper. Cosmetic stuff that I put off forever!

Hood scoop has a pint chip, the size of 3/4".

I have a bottle of Subaru WRB paint that i bought from teh dealer. I will be happy to pass that on to the buyer.

Clock: needs to be checked out. Works every now and then. A known 02 bug

The breaks might need to be checked out, I think they're coming up on replacement.

Well that's it! IMO.

the car hauls great! it shifts even better!

I'm looking to 9K obo. KBB is higher. I priced it in between very good and excellent.

Kelley Blue Book rue&condition=very-good&pricetype=private-party

Email me or let me know if you;re interested. I;m not in a real hurry to get rid of it right away, and will wait for the right buyer. If not here, then I will put up the ad on Craigs and and the like.

Thanks for your time.

Nitin. DSC05818.jpg 9C33E4E9-631C-40AE-8505-7DD28779027C.jpeg 60EE85FF-80F5-4EF8-8990-E6AFD8B239B6.jpeg 435C2C31-3B0D-47A9-BE2E-A33ED2161CE6.jpeg 0596244B-95AD-4905-81D6-2E9BAA3DCB54.jpeg DSC05823.jpg
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