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Cranks but wont start ....

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Inherited an 02 WRX from my brother who went overseas. Started up fine the first time. After about an hour had to run to the store and it took 2 or 3 times of cranking it before it turned over. One time I turned the key and got nothing at all. After it did start it ran fine. Went to the store and when leaving the store it did the same thing. Check engine light is on. Do not have a scanner to check codes. Its a stock 2002 WRX.
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Update : Started first try this morning. Went to Walmart. Leaving Walmart it took 4 times cranking it before it started.
Just got back from advanced auto for a scan. Scanned P0107. Guy said it was the MAP Sensor. 2 came up. One on throttle body and one on intake manifold. See attached pic. Is this causing it to crank 3 or 4 times before finally firing?


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Hmm just read there's no map sensor on 02 WRXs
Hmm just read there's no map sensor on 02 WRXs

Where did you read that? The MAP sensor is on the intake manifold.. I would check the wiring (especially the ground), then check the readings directly from the sensor with a DMM. If it is in fact reading out of spec, I would replace the sensor and reset the ECU.
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