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Check out my customers pics on my webpage. If you have bought something from us and or would like your car to be the monthly show for a prize starting Aug 1. Email me on the site.

Entries will be taken from Aug 5 to Aug 15, voting will occur from Aug16 to Aug 31. Winner will be announced on Sept. 5. Prizes are as follows:
1st Place: ???? - What would you like to see???
Will determine after all entrants post here.

2nd Place: HKS Type O Turbo Timer

3rd Place: STI Badge

Please include your pics here and email them also to us to be able to post on the site. Voting is obviously 1 per person, and in-depth rules will be available on the site asap, any questions email us. Also include your name, phone number, and address with you submission, and a short write up on your mods.

To be fair, all entrants will receive a $5.00 Gift Certificate to use with us as well.
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