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I'll try to be organized about this. I wanted to see if any of you had suggestions or similar run-ins. I cannot figure it out - I've been praying every night it is not a HG.

-Changed timing belt, water pump and thermostat
-Torqued to manufacturer specs
-Car has never overheated
-Pressure test of system (when cold) shows no leaks

Current Situation:
-After burping/bleeding the system, radiator, filler tank, and expansion tank are at correct level (when cold).
-A spirited drive results in coolant overflow into expansion tank, and steady stream of bubbles into the overflow. So much that I get splashes out of the expansion tank.
-Once engine cools, expansion tank remains very full. Coolant does not get sucked back into system. Radiator only requires a small top off. However, the filler tank is empty.
-I've gone through multiple iterations of this (bubbles when hot. full expansion tank when cold. transfer coolant and add a little to filler tank)
-Heat currently works

-Found leaks around lower radiator hose
-Replaced upper and lower hoses and clamps - fixed leaks.

Burping methods tried: (All result in the same "current situation" described above)
-No spill funnel while running/revving car for ~15 minutes (heat ON)
-Pull upper radiator hose and fill block first
-etc. etc. etc.

Possible Problems/Comments:
-Head Gasket : Seems very coincidental to occur right when I **** around with the coolant system....and the fact I've never overheated, HG doesn't fit.
-Air still in system : probable, but as time/driving continues and bubbles present themselves, I'm finding this harder to justify.
-Air leak in the system : Most probable. There are no visible coolant
-Radiator Caps? ON ORDER
-Water pump gasket not sealed? (pulling in air around low pressure point of turbine? is this even possible?)
-thermostat gasket not sealed?

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