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Coolant leaked out, Suggestions on how to get home.

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I have a 2007 STi.

I got to work and my car was blowing smoke and or steam out of the engine bay. Found out it was a coolant leak that was burning off. The reservoir is practically empty.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to be able to drive it home?
Should I fill the radiator with water and watch the temperature?

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
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Call a tow truck.

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Depends on how bad/fast the leak is. I am the type to fill it with water and try it. You could fill it, start it and watch a while as it warms up to see how bad the leak is before trying it on the road. Do you know "where" it is leaking?
If you can find and stop the leak, just fill it with water and drive it to the shop to get it properly fixed and flushed. If you put water in and it immediately pisses it all out from an area you cant find/access, then like Zach said, time to call a flatbed. Dont push it, you can do real expensive damage to your car if it runs too hot.
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