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Hey guys,

First off I am between buying a new 2018 subaru WRX, or buying a used white hawked (my favorite body style).
This will be my first Subaru unless you count me driving my moms 2014 hatch from time to time lol.

I am looking into buying a 2007 WRX with 107,000 miles. The car has a new engine from the company that warrantied it, and is completely stock as far as exterior and mechanical mods go.

However, to be on the safe side I would like to have a third party inspect it. Anyone know any good shops near Pittsburgh PA, Grove City PA, Youngstown OH etc.

Also, the guy says he will take $9k for it. Whats your thoughts?

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TPG Tuning (Blairsville PA) might be able to assist you in terms of a PPI, and I'm sure could give the car a once-over for you.
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