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Complete bushing replacement kit for GC8

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Hi, I am starting to restore my old 00 gc8 wrx or GT as called in Peru. I have decided that I will start with the suspension and the steering wheel bushings.

Since I am planning to change the shocks and springs, which bushing kit should I buy? I am really lost on that part.

I would really appreciate the help with this.

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From what I've heard, Group N is some of the best stuff. It's a stiff rubber bushing. People like those because they don't need to be greased. The other option is a polyurethane bushing, which can come from whiteline, perrin, etc. These are the ones that need to be greased, but I'm pretty sure they are more firm than Group N and usually easier to install. Group N is made by STi and is a step up from STi bushings
Turn in Concepts offers a complete suspension bushing replacement kit that I am running on my bugeye.. I'm not sure what all bushings would be different between that kit and the GC, but it wouldn't hurt to send them an email and see what they can put together for your car.
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