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Was just in Denver on bizz trip & saw wagons in platinum silver & red - silver very classy but the red was spectacular!! Thinking of changing from silver to red!!

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Check out the picts. I posted of this weekends Bay Area installfest. I think we had WRX in every color except white and yellow, plus a bunch of RS's as well.

One thing I've noticed, WRXs look awesome in all the colors that are available (except maybe the yellow).

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Silver all the way, and here's why:

The red is almost apologetic, as if they thought that a real red, like they do for the Legacy GT, might be a bit much.

The blue is cop bait, and will show every little mark and ding. Too much attention.

The white is too pedestrian.

The black will again, show everything, and the bug-eye headlights really stand out with the black cars.

Silver is classy, understated, looks fantastic when clean, and it really minimizes the headlights, making them flow into the body very smoothly.

Hi, ho, silver!

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