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Okay, so I'm looking to lower my car to lessen wheel gap and have a more aggressive look.

Does anyone have the BC racing coilovers? Are these considered a "budget coilover"? What coilovers would be better than these spending under 1k?

I was looking also at RCE lowering springs. So I've been hearing that I would need new struts with these since they wear out the struts a lot faster. Would I need a sway bar kit too?

Just want an opinion what people think is best for spending under a grand.

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For under a grand I'd get springs and cartridges. You don't need to change sway bars. You've not mentioned what car you have, but that doesn't really matter all that much since I don't see coilovers as a realistic proposition for that budget or for your needs.

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BC Racing coilovers are garbage. If you only care about aesthetics, they may fit the bill, but if you want the car to continue to ride nicely and perform well, you should look elsewhere. Don't buy into their pitch about adjustment and whatnot; they will make your car handle worse than with factory hardware.

There are no coilovers for your car for around $1000 that are worthwhile (from a function standpoint); the cheapest option would be Feal, which comes in at $1350/1550.

Your best bet would be a set of lowering springs. You have two solid options here:
1) RCE Blacks / Yellows
2) Swift Spec-R

How much do you know about suspension tuning, reading specs, and knowing how the different values will affect the way your car rides/handles?

All three have different spring rates, and are designed with the factory strut valving in mind. I would take a look at the specs (both how much it lowers F/R and the spring rates), and make a choice based on that.

Will the lowering springs slightly decrease the OE strut life? Yes. Is it something where they'll blow in a year? No.

RCE is developing a new GTWorx/Bilstein strut option at the moment, and it will likely be valved to perform optimally with their offerings, if that sways you.

If it were me, install a set of springs now, get the car aligned, and enjoy it until the struts wear out; at that time, consider your upgrade options and buy them then. You'll be out an extra $100 or so for that second alignment (vs buying both at the same time), but there are other wear items (e.g., tophats) that could also use to be replaced/upgraded at that time that you would need to disassemble for anyway, so that could be moot.

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Read up about the Feal 441s, they are basically Taiwanese hardware (probably same source as BC) but, assembled in the states with better/custom valves, Swift springs, high quality oil, seals, hardware, etc... Looks like their customer service is excellent (they will work with you to get you set up with proper valving and correct spring rates) and people are generally having a good experience with their products.

I'm even considering a gravel spec set myself, but still weighing my options and not rushing into anything.

Keep in mind that with coil-overs you WILL have more road and suspension noise in the cabin, especially with these, as they replace your tophats with solid (pillow ball) type mounts. You will also have to deal with the added maintenance when compared to a strut/spring combo (re-build every 30K miles or so), as well as regular preventative maintenance (cleaning, making sure everything is tight, etc...).

Know what you are getting into if you are dead set on coil-overs, or you are gonna have a bad time.

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Shame you don't have a 08-14 wrx. I am selling my KW Variant 1's. KW makes an excellent coilover. But they are pricey. But worth it. I had my wrx lowered with them, not crazy low, but low enough. The ride quality was excellent and handling was greatly increased.

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Also, if I had to recommend a coilover it would be one of these:

KW Variant 1- $1,800
HKS Hipermax IV-GT- $1,590
Feal 441- Price mentioned above by EJ

Hey guys, I am buying coilovers tomorrow and wanna know how low I can drop my '17 WRX without rubbing I'm fully stock right now and running 18x9.5" wheels +27 offset. They're wrapped with 265/35/18 tires, and have like 2 1/4 finger gap all around. If you have this set up help a brotha out I don't wanna roll my fenders !
I want my front end to look aggressive since I'm having someone custom make a splitter and rear diffuser for me.

RCE Tarmac Zeros probably fit into that same category.
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