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Hi guys,

I drive a 2015 WRX. I installed Tein Flex A coil overs a couple weeks ago. I understand coils/springs settle over time but for some reason my front coils keep coming loose. I installed them to spec via Tein's manual, tightened everything, etc. The other week I was able to get a finger in between the tire/fender. Last night I heard the front tires rubbing whenever I turned, so I popped a wheel off & the springs were completely loose, like the two rings you use spanner wrenches on came down a good amount causing the front to just completely drop. This is the second time this has happened. What am I doing wrong? I've searched for a few days & haven't got a straight answer. :confused:

Any help is appreciated!


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A few things come to mind, I've heard of this in the past however I don't know what your issue exactly could be.

One problem and solution ive seen was to raise the vehicle and make the shock stiffer. The car in question was having the spring unload so much in daily driving from bumps and such the locking rings worked loose.

Another issue may be the mount isn't allowing the strut assembly to rotate properly. You'll want to replace them, I'm not sure exactly how to check that.

There is also a possibility of engineering or manufacturing flaws. If the thread pitch on the body is undersized or the rings are oversized they won't stay put. The clearences are too big to get a good bite.

Some solutions I've seen range from locktite to drilling the collars from set screws. Another common one is ordering more rings and just jamming the crap out of them.

Good luck.

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