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As some may have realized, Cobb as of 3/8/22 has stopped supporting Stage 2 maps due to new emissions standards is some states.
Even though I ordered my AP3 (05STi) in February, I did not receive the stage 2 and 2+ OTS maps and Cobb will not send me their legacy maps.
They are making new maps to support Carb EO-approved status but will not officially sign up to a release date or acknowledge if the stage 2 maps will have as many options as the legacy maps (settings for - stock airbox, cobb turboback exhaust, fuel types, etc).

Questions for the Forum:
1. Does anyone have the legacy stage 2 and 2+ OTS maps for an 05STi, that they can send me?
2. Does anyone know if the COBB AP3 will accept the legacy maps as I have never added a map to my AP.

New to tuning. Thank you in advanced for your help.

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I recall reading the updated software on the AP won't use the old tunes. I can't verify personally I've just seen it in passing elsewhere.

The changes are not due to NEW emissions regulations as it's long been illegal to sell emissions delete and emissions bypassing equipment, something the AP did by disabling the rear O2 codes. The new cat substrate prevents them from having to disable the code thus moving into a gray area in the law. The downpipes are still 100% illegal but because the codes don't have to be disabled they glide for now.

You've really got to weigh this upgrade at the moment. There is plenty power to be had but the penalty is steep. You not only have an initial massive fine, but I've seen posts elsewhere of people getting blasted with daily fines for disabling the emissions systems.
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