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What a night! 3 completely different races:
1st Encounter - Integra GSR
Leaving work and heading home for dinner on the highway. Cruising along an noticed this Integra GSR zooming pass me doing 80+mph. I must admit it sounded pretty sweet. He was about 6+ cars ahead when I decided to give chase, and just left it in 5th. I instantly caught up and we're just playing some cat-and-mouse game doing about 80+mph. We finally caught an open section of the highway, but he didn't want to go...his excuse, "I'm getting off at this coming exit"

2nd Encounter - BMW R1150 RT
As I was getting ready to run the GSR, I noticed this bike coming up on us. I was waiting for the GSR in 3rd @ 60mph. As the bike got next to me so does the GSR, so I jab the gas to see if the GSR wanted to go...but no go from the GSR driver. The biker just drove off normally and was about 7 car lengths ahead when I decided to leave the GSR and drove off. Well I caught up to the biker and got next to him at around 75mph, to check out the bike. I noticed it was a BMW R1150 RT (I didnt' know what it was, but looked it up as I got home). Here are some stats:
Displacement: 1130 cc
Horsepower: 95 bhp @ 7,250 rpm
Torque: 74 lb-ft @ 5,500 rpm
He then gave some gas to see if I wanted to run, I confirm by shifting to 4th and we were off. I pulled about 2 car lenghts and stayed like that until around 110mph, and I shut it down. I gave hime a thumbs up, but he didn't even look over as he drove by, and I got off at my exit.

3rd Encounter - 03/04 Mustang GT
While driving back to work, after dinner, I noticed this GT as I merged onto a different section of the highway. I got behind him as we tried to get infront of some traffic. We drove around this pretty good bend, it's a 35mph bend on the highway :eek3: . I down shifted to 4th and was still behind him. As we cleared the bend and traffic openned up, he got on it (he was about 2 car lengths in front), and I went WOT in 4th at around 60mph. I didn't think he would of went, but he that point it was too late to shift to 3rd, so I just kept it in 4th. I gained 1 car length at the end of 4th and shifted to 5th. We shut down at around 120mph with him still 1 car in front. We both gave each other thumbs up and I got off at my exit.

4th Encounter - Audi All Road 2.7T
This happened before I ran with the GT. This was not much of an encounter, since he got off at the next exit. But here's the story.
I just got on the highway and this Audi passed me, I then noticed it was the All Road, and remembered it had the 2.7T engine. So I speed up a little to check out the car/wagon. His window was a little tinted, but I did noticed that he was dailing his phone. As I slowly passed him, on the left, at around 70mph, he sped up and passed me, on the right. I then did the same. And he sped up and got way over and got off at the exit.
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