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My last encounter with a Porsche was with a Boxster and that was fun. Link to
Boxster Story

Below is the story of today's adventure with a 911 Turbo. This is an older model, I don't know what year it is, but the picture attached looks about right (not the exact car that I ran, but for model reference)

This was one of those run that you run to see how much faster the other car is...knowing you're going to get your ass spank:

As I was coming home for a dinner break, I saw this 911 coming up pretty fast on the left highway lane. I was going to exit onto another highway but decided to follow. This guy was taking off and slowing down for his own enjoyment...he wasn't trying to race anyone. So I followed and kept pace. I got up next to him and gave him a thumbs up on the car. He smiled. We then slowed to 60mph, I shifted to 3rd and gave the 3 honks. I got the initial jump to about 1/2 car length and then shifted to 4th, and then his turbos spooled up....he took off like a jet!:eek: As he proceeded to put 4 car lengths on me, fire came out both exhaust pipes.:D We're not talking about just some after-fire, we're talking about running rich pig, like they do in the GT sereies, or some of the R34's that you see running in Options Video's time attack...the flames lasted for a good 5 seconds. He slowed down and I caught up. I gave him a wave as I got off at my exit. He smiled knowing that I had enjoy seeing his car run.

That 911 was tucking some 18's and might be running some 285 tires.
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