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Cobb big sf intake w stage 1+bigsf 93oct help

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Hi, I just installed my Cobb big sf w stage 1+big sf 93 octane on my 17 wrx and I'm a little nervous and was wondering if anyone could help me out and let me know if my readings are ok. Any help is appreciated thanks Text Technology Electronics Electronic device Material property
Text Technology Electronics Electronic device Material property
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An AP screenshot is limited in what it tells us. Datalogs, which tell us what's happening at specific points in time, are far more valuable. That said, from that picture:
1) Boost is in line (19 +/-1.5PSI)
2) No Learned Knock
3) A bit of feedback knock, but that could be a false positive; you need repeated knock at a particular RPM / Engine Load for it to be a worry. You won't know that information without datalogging.
4) A slightly high AF Learning (-11), but that may work itself out. If you haven't really driven much since reflashing, this could be the cause. You could be seeing that high correction in a very short window, which hasn't had a chance to get resolution to "even out". This is another instance where datalogs will tell the full story.

Keep an eye on AF Learning, DAM, and Fine Knock Learning. You never want DAM to drop below 1, unless you've just reflashed (and your map is setup to start at a value below 1). You don't want any learned knock, because that signifies that your car is preemptively pulling timing to avoid detonation. You don't want too much negative AF learning in the open-loop section (WOT), because there isn't any immediate correction applied during that time like during closed-loop (part-throttle); Cobb says +/- 8 is the proper variance.

Long story short...based on the information in the picture, you're alright. I would continue to drive the car, monitoring the three items I outlined for you. If you can do some datalogging, that will give us more insight, and allow us to better advise you.
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Awesome man thank you so much. The a/f ratio was making me nervous. Still getting the hang of everything as far as the accessport goes. Yeah I think I had about 20-30miles when I took the picture after the flash. Thanks again I appreciate you taking the time to help me.
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