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Hi. I'm new to my WRX, just purchased a few days ago, 03 with 144k on the clock. Came with tons of extras, one being an unmarried COBB AP v2. Don't care so much to tune the car right now, but would like the gauge/monitoring function.

She has an Invidia catless downpipe with a Megan Racing catback, so full turbo back exhaust. Stock headers and all else, far as I know. Car was unmolested, great shape for its age, and not much rust at all.

..Aside from the point, I would like to use the Accessport for monitoring functions but it seems like I must first pick a base map to flash and then go from there. Exhaust should only mod on the car, stock intake and I do have a COBB hi-flow air filter, but not currently installed. Is the Stage 2 93oct what I should flash? Or?

I'm new to tuning and Subies in general, and I don't feel like having a 3300 pound paperweight. Any help on this is greatly appreciated!


Also putting it out there, if anyone's got an AP v3 compatible with an 03, let me know what you're willing to part with it for, or trade if interested. I like me some extra gauges! :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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